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Oral Health Care Is Easy, Here Are Tips! – Chesterfield, MO

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Brush, floss, and rinse. Three simple habits that everyone should observe to keep their oral health in tip-top shape. However, not everyone follows these practices regularly and properly. As a result, their teeth and other oral structures can still be subject to complications. The main reason why many people do not have proper and consistent oral health care routine: lack of time. The busyness at work or school and hectic schedules make it hard for patients to maintain their oral health.

The good thing is, keeping the overall oral health in excellent shape is easier than everyone thinks. As long as the patient knows the right things to do, everything else would be easy. Since our practice at Chesterfield Hilltown Dental aims to help everyone in any way possible, we listed down some of the best tips. If they follow these, their oral health care routine will be more effective.

Invest in an oral device

Investing in an electric toothbrush is better. It delivers the right amount of pressure to the teeth when removing harmful buildups without damaging the enamel. It often comes with a built-in timer, making it easier for the person to comply with the two-minute rule.

Rinse at the right time

Most people would immediately rinse their mouth after brushing their teeth. However, this is not an effective habit, especially when using fluoridated toothpaste. It is best to wait a few minutes to let the fluoride content do its job in coating the teeth to keep unfavorable substances from attacking the enamel.

Avoid bad breath the healthy way

Believe it or not, chewing on fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber and water is good for the teeth. It stimulates the adequate amount of saliva production that is best to wash away any harmful particles. It can even balance the mouth’s pH level to avoid harmful acids that can gradually wear down the teeth leading to cavities.

Reduce soda intake

Many people love to drink soda, and they can consume multiple glasses a day! Unfortunately, the excessive consumption of carbonated beverage increases the patient’s risk of developing tooth decay. Drink less, stay healthy.

Chew on mouth-friendly treats

Chewing on a sugarless gum after meals can help get rid of particles that may cling to the teeth to keep it protected along with the other oral structures. It is also a good idea to eat cheese for dessert. It can balance the pH in the mouth to keep acids under control.

See a dentist

Scheduling a dental appointment every six months is highly recommended, however, due to the busy schedules, most people tend to skip it. Doing so puts the efforts of oral health care to waste. Professional assistance is essential in monitoring the patient’s oral health condition.

For instance, our Regular Dental Checkups at Chesterfield Hilltown Dental offers a comprehensive dental care exam with digital x-rays, professional cleanings, and oral cancer screening to avoid any oral complications. Talk to our team to get the most flexible scheduling available to optimize oral health care!

Get the most out of your oral health care routine! Schedule an appointment at Chesterfield Hilltown Dental for your Regular Dental Checkups in Chesterfield, MO.

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