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Getting to Know More About ClearCorrect

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Aside from missing teeth, having a crooked and gapped smile can make you feel unconfident during social situations. Although there is already an orthodontic solution, not everyone finds this particular approach pleasant and comfortable. Fortunately, with the continuous improvements in the dental field, newer and more favorable treatments are now available, including ClearCorrect. We offer this treatment here at Chesterfield Hilltown Dental.

Adults who tend to be wary about having their teeth straightened can feel more confident since this is now possible without using metal components, making it more discreet. To those who are not yet too familiar, ClearCorrect is a brand of clear aligners that straightens the teeth gradually using a series of custom-fitted trays.

What makes ClearCorrect ideal?

Many people nowadays avail of the clear aligner approach like ClearCorrect since they can have their teeth straightened without others knowing. Compared to traditional orthodontics, it is easier to maintain excellent oral health throughout the treatment.

Each ClearCorrect aligner fits over the upper and lower dental arches to deliver mild pressure that is necessary to reposition the teeth. Instead of seeing the dentist for adjustments, the patients are advised to switch out trays as prescribed by the dentist (usually every two weeks). These regular visits are required so the dentist can monitor the status of the treatment.

What makes ClearCorrect different?

The removability of ClearCorrect aligners make it more convenient compared to traditional braces. For one, wearers are free to eat whatever they want without worrying about broken wires and brackets. Wearing removable aligners also makes oral hygiene easier since there are no components that can get in the way when brushing and flossing. Compared to the conventional approach, there are lesser and shorter dental visits throughout the treatment.

What to expect throughout the treatment?


The dentist will perform a digital scan to take 3D images of the teeth, and they will also take molds and x-rays for the custom-creation of the aligner trays.


As mentioned above, aligner trays are to be replaced every two weeks until the positions of the teeth are fixed. To achieve the best possible results, aligners should be worn for at least 20 hours every day. They should only be removed when eating, drinking beverages other than water, and when brushing.


Typically, ClearCorrect aligners are to be worn for 10 to 15 months. After the treatment, patients are encouraged to follow the recommendations of a dentist regarding the proper schedule of retainer wear to prevent the teeth from moving to their initial positions.

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